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Agile, Able Leaders Create Value

Welcome to Value-Able Leadership, a strategic framework promoting long-term, sustainable success within for-profits, NGOs, affinity groups, and some governmental* organizations.

In this time of great turmoil, it is so very important that leaders remain agile, managing the ever-changing present, while enabling the development of plans for reenergizing and reimagining the future of their organizations.


What makes this leadership methodology different from others is that the focus of objectives (long-term) and goals (less than 1-year) are measurable and based on the continuous creation and exchange of value with the organization’s primary stakeholders, e.g., customers, benefit recipients, employees and investors. 


Value-Able executives, board members, entrepreneurs and line managers utilize 3 critical Processes to create and exchange value with stakeholders:

  1. Purpose: Focus the organization on its stakeholder value-propositions (exercise: the Value-Matrix).

  2. Perspective: Develop measurable, mutually beneficial, stakeholder-related goals (exercise: Value-Continuum).

  3. Persistence: Create continuous-improvement and risk mitigation processes using SWOT Analysis as well as competency development exercises.

Value-Able leadership uses a series of exercises, suggested resources, and posts with new ways to develop and deploy a stakeholder focused, continuous improvement infrastructure. 

*NGOs and Affinity group “customers” are generally referred to as benefit recipients, members, or citizens and their “investors” are typically called donors, members, or funding agencies. 

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See my post on "I'm Ok- You're Ok" for more information about why I chose this book as my pick of the month. 


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Value-Able Leadership is the culmination of a methodology developed by Bruce Langsen. It combines 40-years of leadership experience with a knowledge base of education and studies that are partially based on books shown in the "Resources" section of this site. 

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