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Getting to know Value-Able Leadership & Creator, Bruce Langsen

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It is a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.  Lewis Carroll

From early on in my career, as a supervisor with a major airline, I became intrigued by the different leadership styles and approaches I saw being used by local, regional, and HQ management, some very successfully and some less so. Since I was working to pay for my college education, it enabled me to simultaneously learn from both practical and educational experiences. It also helped to have some great mentors as I worked my way up the leadership ladder.


As I learned, there is plenty of room for individual approaches to organizational leadership. However, it also became apparent that some of the best leaders appeared to rely on frameworks that were well-thought-out and whose elements could be clearly articulated. The first one I adopted came from the book Situational Leadership by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey (more of my favorite materials are listed in Resources).

The basis of Value-Able Leadership thus evolved from the “wisdom” gained, at times through trial and error, during my 40-year career.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Value-Able Processes section of the website.


I spent the last 17-years of my career as president of an early Internet B2B marketplace serving the Aviation and Defense industries, with customers in 96 countries. This company was purchased by a Fortune-100 manufacturer in 2006 and I was asked to stay on for the next several years. I later served as a consultant to the enterprise that took the company private in 2018.


I’m a married father of two adult children and four “perfect” grandchildren, at last count. I’m an amateur photographer, including drones, a private pilot (inactive) and writer of leadership blogs. I am active in the NGO and school district communities in Manatee County, Florida, and Barnstable County, Massachusettes.  I’ve served on two non-profit boards.


Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll decide to subscribe to upcoming leadership posts. If you have questions, comments, or want to learn more, please fill out the contact form.


- Bruce Langsen

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