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“I’m OK-- You’re OK” Leadership Transactional Analysis and PAC

In 1967, Dr. Thomas Harris published the best selling book I’m OK, You’re OK which followed Games People Play, another best seller by Dr. Eric Berne. Both brought perspective to the psychology of our relationships and their various interactions in both personal and business spheres.

I’m OK, You’re OK provided a practical method to understanding the dynamics of individual relationships and popularized Dr. Berne's concepts of “Transactional Analysis” and “PAC” (Parent-Adult-Child) to the wider public.

The second element of Value-Able Leadership is Perspective. It is this element that works to provide leaders with added insights into their organization’s stakeholder relationships through several activities including goal-setting exercises based on stakeholder value-exchange continuums similar to the one depicted here.

*SEI =Social and Emotional Intelligence *WiiFM = What's in it For Me

There are a lot of great books about leadership, some of which I’ll discuss in future posts, but I’m OK, You’re OK is a foundational reading for current or future leaders, as well as for anyone who wants to better comprehend their personal and business relationships.

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