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Leadership Through the Looking-Glass

Welcome to Value-Able Leadership.

Considering the difficult state of affairs in which many organizations currently find themselves, I thought that Leadership Through the Looking-Glass, would be an apt title and meaningful metaphor for our first post.

In the two books about Alice written by Lewis Carroll, we follow her into Wonderland, a chaotic world filled with unusual characters who don’t always make sense. But occasionally they do, as in the Cheshire Cat's often quoted observation that "if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there."

Today, more than ever, it is only by looking at their organization reflectively, through a strategic looking glass if you will, that leaders can find the purpose and perspective necessary to move forward, particularly in a time of great change.

That is what Value-Able Leadership is designed to promote. It is a flexible framework that can be used by leaders of for-profit, non-government organizations, affinity groups, and some governmental organizations to visualize, articulate and actualize strategic plans, promote mutually beneficial exchanges of value with stakeholders, and engage in a continuous improvement process.

Value-Able Leadership is a dynamic synthesis of three elements:

Purpose: The Value-Proposition, which should answer to the question, of what problem an organization is solving and for whom?

Perspective: The Value-Exchange: Situational awareness and mutually beneficial exchanges of value with primary stakeholders, including customers/beneficiaries, employees, investors/donors, and the surrounding community.

Persistence: A continuous improvement and risk management process.

Next up will be a post regarding I’m OK--You’re OK, the 1967 best-selling self-help book by Dr. Thomas Harris that applied Transactional Analysis, a model of psychotherapy developed by Eric Berne. It is one of the most informative, powerful, and useful books about organizational (and personal) relationships I’ve ever read.

I hope you found this introduction interesting and will continue on this journey by subscribing to receive emails when new Value-Able Leadership posts become available.

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