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Organizations have 3-Types of People

I’m going to attribute this article’s theme to quotes from a number of people including:

Aristotle, Leonardo, Ben Franklin and Lawrence Peter, among others.

“There are three types of people: those who are immovable, those who are moveable and

those who move”. Ben Franklin.

Others have been more succinct in their wryness: “There are those who make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened”.

These are discussed in our Value-Able Processes section about Perspective. It generally comes down to a discussion about “able and/or willing”. Is the individual competent enough to complete their tasks? If not, a decision should be about their experience and/or education.

If they are deemed competent then the discussion broadens out onto their focus and willingness to complete their tasks. Two of the best publications about this matrix of the mind are:

1. Hersey and Blanchard’s, “Situational Leadership”.

2. Herzberg’s “Two Factor theory”.

The leadership focus should not be to see these “competent and/or willing” issues as

permanent attributes by leaders through various types of education, motivation, communication, and, especially, leaders “walking the talk”.

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